Ronin Mods X2 Basic 21/20700 Mod

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Ronin Mods X2 Basic 21/20700 Mod Description: Ronin Mods X2 Basic 21/20700 18650 Mod.Specifications:N..

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Ronin Mods X2 Basic 21/20700 Mod Description:

Ronin Mods X2 Basic 21/20700 18650 Mod.


  • Naval Brass, Tellurium Copper
  • Deep engraving
  • 27mm diameter
  • Hybrid Top Cap
  • Silbver Plated Contact
  • Internal Protection Sleeves
  • Delrin 18650 Battery Adapter Sleeve (Included)
  • Magnets FIre Button
  • Single 21700, 20700, 18650 Li-ion Battery (Not Included)
  • Made in the USA

Please Note:

This is a direct battery contact mechanical device and it is strictly for advanced users only! Be sure to check your atomizer's 510 connection when using it with this device. If your atomizer's positive pin in the center of the 510 connection does not protrude >1mm from the threads of the connection, your device will fail catastrophically. Use at your own risk! This mod does not have a locking mechanism, keep it away from children! Mechanical mods are an advanced user product and should not be used by anyone without the proper knowledge on your battery's amp limit and how to test your atomizer's resistance. This mechanical mod uses very strong magnets in the switch—please be careful when disassembling your mod. Avoid using your device to the point where the batteries are completely discharged. Always double-check the resistance of your atomizer on an external ohmmeter, and ensure that your batteries are inserted with the positive pole facing the atomizer in order to prevent battery failure.


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